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Tent Q&A

How do I know what type of tent to get?

Canopy Tents are lightweight and are designed to provide shade or protection from light rains.  Perimeter staking is required and center poles every 10 feet are required.  Our canopy tents allow solid and windowed side walls which is an important factor when choosing a company in Chicago to rent from.  Most rental company tents are of lower quality and can not support side walls. If there is a chance for rain, having the option to install sidewalls is invaluable.  Ideal use for canopy tents are backyard parties and forest preserves when there is less than 100 people.  Canopy tents are for grass setups only

Frame Tents are made of a reinforced vinyl or vinyl coated canvas stretched over an aluminum frame. Since they have no center poles, the inside area is unobstructed. Minimal staking or weighting (if any) is required and they are perfect for installation in areas where staking is not practical, i.e. parking lots, patios, decks, driveways, etc. Ideal use for frame tents are Information booths, Vendor booths, Walkways, Presentations Seating.

Where should the tent be setup? 

Select a level area and make sure that you are not placing it in a low area where water will flow or accumulate if it should rain.  If staking is required, be careful of the unseen underground factors that may affect the tent placement, i.e. sprinkler systems (checking the sprinkler timers is not a bad idea either), gas and water lines, and telephone and electrical conduit or wires. In most municipalities the local utility companies will be happy to visit the site and mark the locations of their pipes,wires, etc.  If electrical service is required to the tent for lighting, etc. try to locate the tent in an area where power can be easily accessed and run to the tent.  Electrical generators are also available for areas where electrical power is not readily available.


What accessories are available?

Sidewalls - Solid and windowed sidewalls are available on all of our tents. Windowed sidewalls offer an upscale appearance and will not require additional lighting during the day.

Fans / Air Movers / Heaters / Air Conditioners - Depending upon the expected ambient temperature, these options can greatly increase the level of comfort.  (Tent sidewalls are needed when either of these options are used.)

Lighting Lighting can be used for practical application (like to see what you are eating) or to create a desired effect or mood.  Lighting is required when solid side walls are used.  (unless you are doing a haunted house...)